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Oct 242014

We have carried out the total refurbishment of a loft located in the emblematic area of Sagrada Familia. The owner needed to adequate the space for holiday rental and she wanted to infuse a creative environment, reflecting the style and design of the city.
Together with the client, we decided to create an aesthetic fusion, taking the current industrial style as a basis; a bright and open loft, but where each room had its personal touch according to the functional requirements for its use. We also opted to provide clarity and create a graphic composition of textures and finishes.


foto 3


On the floor, we laid aged pinewood white stripped laminate parquet and for the attic and staircase, an aged treatment in gasoline colour with a stone background.
The roof was treated with decorative chip-simulating painting. The left wall was treated with a finish paint imitating concrete and the wardrobe wood, as well as the wood in the central area of ​​the attic roof were painted in a white Mediterranean style, which was obtained after giving several layers to take the characteristic thickness.
Regarding lighting, industrial lamps and the fluorescence located in the attic were respected. We also looked for few demodé sconces -that we placed strategically- and left sockets for the installation of additional lamps as required by future tenants.


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We opted to treat the bathroom walls with dark grey concrete paste to bring out the red glass basin, supported by iron brackets resting on the ground. The remaining space was painted in white to frame all treatments chosen and wrap them in harmony.


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Several pieces of the owner´s furniture were repainted to give them a fresh touch -according to the new style of the room- such as the patio chairs that now look in pastel colours and a bed that was painted in gold.


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The design of the railing and the door separating environments stands out in the loft. Both are made of iron déplié mesh -clear industrial inspiration- which infuse the style desired by the client.
A huge picture with strong personality and a large mirror over the walls of the highest area of the loft put the finishing touches to the refurbishment.


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Aug 082013

So far in 2013, we have carried out the interior design projects of diffrent kind of bathrooms, each of them according to the style and functional and aesthetic needs of the clients.

Complete refurbishment


HOW? White tones highlight to give the classic look of that style. We put wooden slats on the floor, so we get to combine both tones combining warmth and brightness. We also stripped the paint of the door to give a worn look and add details like the mirror frame, small pin up air boxes and a wicker bench to instill the desired style.


New work


HOW? We put ceramic and wood flooring on the walls. The sink cabinet, designed and manufactured by AM, was realized combining marble and wood. We chose suspended toilet and bidet models with simple lines that carry the mechanism inserted in the wall so we get to make the space visually lighter. We separate the toilet area by a transparent glass partition to give that feeling that diaphanous minimalist spaces project.


Customized refurbishment


 HOW? We place a gray ceramic floor and papered the walls with a concrete line of the brand Wallpaper. The glass sink, designed and built by AM, has a maroon top, in reference to the team colors. The gilt-framed mirror matches with the “10” that we add to the wall, a number that the client wanted to put in reference to Messi. The client completed the project with attrezzo in blue and red colors.


Low cost refurbishment with no work


HOW? The warmth of the antique finish laminate parquet we put on the floor paired well with the brightness of the white metropolitan tile and with the paint tone of the walls. To give the final touch we also put IKEA accessories that instill a very strong personality to the whole space.


Jun 272013

Our interior design studio has been again in charge of the design and implementation of a space for the French jewelry brand Oressence. After refurbish several premises in different parts of the French geography, this time we have developed the project of design and construct a stand for the swiss trade fair Baselworld, world’s leading event in the field of jewelry and watchmaking which brings together the most exclusive brands. For an event of this nature, Oressence count on us to carry out a project with the same elements and materials used in the rest of the franchise. Stained and varished oak wood was the predominate material. We also put exclusively designed LED lights strategically placed for optimal appreciation of the product.

Jun 132013

In AM Asociados we have carried out the integral refurbishment of a travel accesories premises in the center of Barcelona. The establishment highlights by showing an industrial, urban, airy and spacious concept, with exhibitions of different brands through corners.
We recovered antique store spaces, adapting parts of the roof that are integrated, as owners wanted. We paved the room with laminate parquet which matches with the natural state walls, infusing an industrial environment throughout the premises.
Each corner has differentiated exhibitors following the design of each brand. Thus, the furniture in one of the corners has a white lacquered cabinet with shelves and drawers, in another one we have implanted metal furniture with spikes, for hanging products, and the third is made up of several wooden shelves in similar tone to the floor pavement.
The rest of the furniture, designed and manufactured by AM, is made with viroc melamine mounted in cut metallic structure, varnished and satin finish, according to the concept of the store, and stands out for its multi-functionality for suiting the needs of the season.
For the lighting, we placed on a metal structure with 30 volt LED projectors with openings of 24 and 45 degrees to provide the premises and overall brightness and partial approaches highlighting products.
The façade did´nt suffer major changes. We just incorporated between the existing natural stone a cut iron structure, polished and varnished. The window display consists of a wooden platform and guides embedded in walls to place the products and signage implementation with brand image.












Mar 122013

A few months ago, our interior design studio carried out the design and implementattion of Serrajòrdia, an emblematic bakery in the town of Sant Cugat del Valles near Barcelona, from which result, client and AM staff, were very satisfied. Since then, an amount of national and international decoration media have echoed this refurbishment and are publishing articles about it in magazines and blogs.
The people of AM want to thank specialized press for their interest in this project, especially for such beautiful words that are qualifying our work. Thank you!


press interior design project

Feb 112013

AM Asociados has recently completed several interior design projects for clothes retailer McGregor and Jewelry Oro Vivo. The Dutch fashion brand has opened its corners in “El Corte Inglés” Puerta Venecia in Zaragoza and El Corte Ingles in Santa Cruz (Tenerife). Oro Vivo new store is located in the Shopping center Vallsur (Valladolid).
As in all projects that we carry out in the retail sector, our team of interior designers have carried out the refurbishment process in all its phases, from drafting, “in situ”team coordination to every decorative detail. 




Feb 052013

We have carried out the design and implementation of a showroom in Madrid for the Nikon brand.
The local houses the offices and the purpose of the project was to incorporate a showroom and a training area, so the space was redistributed to achieve this objective.
The gray pavement unified the space of the entire premises. The furniture, which sets out the product, designed and manufactured by AM, consists in two parts: the top, for the exhibition, was painted in lacquered white adding crystal clear acrylic shelves, getting an airy, excellent vision of the product. The lower zone is for storage and was developed in stratified wavy gray.
An important part of the design fell on the lighting of the display cabinet which consists of a line of LEDs to backlight the methacrylate shelves and a fluorescent lighting perimeter. Thus, the product gets very enhanced.
The rest of the room lighting was executed using bulbs with two different degrees of openness, getting two functions: an ambient light and a puntual one, oriented to specific objects.
The training area follows the same style as the exhibition area and is equipped with chairs from Andreu World. 

Feb 042013

Recently, two projects carried out by AM opened their respective sales point: Jewelry Oro Vivo and clothes retailer McGregor.
Oro Vivo store is located in the shopping center Gran Plaza 2 of Majadahonda (Madrid), which is both open and well lit to ensure that the public are able to examine all the pieces on display. This premise adds to the long list of stores that AM has designed for this popular jewelry brand from the French group Christian Bernard.
For the Dutch brand McGregor AM has been again in charge of the design and implementation of a new corner, which is now located in the famous Galeries Lafayette in Lyon (France). 







Feb 042013

This july AM has carried out the launching of its Newsletter. Fresh, agile and simple style, according with the company renovated image and corporate identity, this informative bulletin is born to send out news, projects and new features that are taking place in AM.
It is structured in three parts: Retail, Home and Press and what is innovative about this issue is the including of a QR code so you can download all this news in your smartphone. If you are interested in subscribing, you can do it through the web. 



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Feb 042013

National newspaper “La Vanguardia” published on Sunday 20th January a lengthy report about two interior design projects undertaken by AM: two lofts with different styles, both of them adapted to the functional needs, personality and budget of each client.
The article emphasizes the transformation carried out in both spaces, the contrast between the two styles and the versatility of touches combined in each project. The adaptability of Maisa Mesa, found member of AM along with Marcelino Arranz, and a review of the history and projects of the company, which this year celebrates its 30 anniversary, are some of the highlights in the report.