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Dec 132012

“Since we contacted interior design studio AM, everuthing was easy going and solutions to our problems.
We managed to transform an old apartment in the Eixample district into a modern, cozy and practical home, entirely to our liking. This would not have been possible without the advice and the highly professional team of AM that not only have an extraordinary human qualities, but it is also efficient, creative and innovative.
AM Asociados offered a solution fully tailored to our needs and budget, typical of a young couple like us. One os us lived abroad and the other one spent the time studying and working, so we had very little time to devote to the reforms. AM Asociados designed the project, took the direction of the works and made a shortlist of all the furniture and fittings of the house, which saved us effort and time. They immediately captured our style and tastes and personalized the project taking everything into account, but at the same time also left its unique hallmark.
Furthermore, AM Asociados gave us the opportunity to organize and manage our wedding list, work that they did with great efficiency and style. They lovingly took care of all the details and the guests were impressed by their professionalism. Without any doubt this initiative was a success and we higly recommend to all the engaged couples.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in the team of AM and the result has exceeded our expectations.

We will repeat, without no hesitation! Thanks AM Asociados”.

Albert and Miriam 

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