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Interior design for retail


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AM Asociados more than 30 years innovation, quality and service in interior design for the retail sector

From the very start AM has worked closely with our many and varied retail clients to adapt each project to its commercial requirements. Our success is based on our refusal to repeat the same formula and our ability to propose, design and implement  fully integrated cost effective solutions.

Our objective is always to achieve complete excelence in all we do and ensure that as a result,our clients enjoy the maximum possible commercial advantage.

As leaders in retail our clients understand the importance of working with professionals with a deep understanding of the sector, we would like to think them for the confidence that they have shown in us over the years and we look forward to accepting new challenges, contact us to see how we can place our experience, professionalism and know how at your disposal.

“AM came to us through people who recommended their way of working…

…their implication in their interior design projects for retail, their technical capacity and knowledge of each and every aspect that must be considered, at the moment of putting into action a retail construction project.
After more than 7 years of working together, and the completion of more than 15 projects in different cities and countries, each with their own peculiar characteristics, for Spa & Salón Spain (Pond’s Institute), we consider AM as a partner in whom we may trust absolutely. Their execution is at a level that offers cast iron guarantees. To recognise the precision with which they work is without doubt the highest praise that one can offer AM.
Possibly it is of little surprise that taking this into account that what started as a purely professional has become a personal relationship too.
Maisa, Marcelino, congratulations on what you have achieved and long may you continue at the helm of your project AM Asociados.”

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