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PlusFresc Supermarket ‘Acuarela’ Project.


The ‘Acuarela’ project was born out of the synergy between Martinez+Franch (retail innovation consultants), Supsa (PlusFresc Supermarket) 78Estuiplural (graphic design) and AM (image, project and direction) to create a new image and sales system: quick and select. Thanks to a primary aisle the user is guided by a selection of premium products following the sinuous lines of the displays with their skirting illuminated with LEDs to differentiate one from another. At the end of the route before passing though the checkout, which has a one queue system, the client passes through a ‘Liquid area’ a place permitting the customer to interact with local activities and advertisements, try other products of the season, see an interactive screen with recipes and other information as well as the green zone offering the best solutions for environmental problems.

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