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Jan 232013

In Am we have taken another step, putting into operation a new service ‘Interior Design Assessment’ , either in person or online. The first client to benefit from this service lives in Panama. They asked us for a project that combines classic modernism with an environment that is is practical and functional. Via email and Skype calls we carried out the design, with plans for layout and distribution, product lists and design dossiers. This completer information permits the client, either with or without further help from us, to complete the project without any problem. Two versions of this project were considered.

A_ Design for a flat intended for short stay and to receive visitors. Keeping the original layout, high level fixtures and fittings.

B_ Design for a flat (The twin of the previous one), intended for rentor short term lease. Furnished with low cost fixtures and fittings.

Note: Before the end of the year AM will be offering a new consulting service, further details about this and other projects will appear in the web and also our newsletter which you may subscribe to at any time.


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