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Oct 242014

We have carried out the total refurbishment of a loft located in the emblematic area of Sagrada Familia. The owner needed to adequate the space for holiday rental and she wanted to infuse a creative environment, reflecting the style and design of the city.
Together with the client, we decided to create an aesthetic fusion, taking the current industrial style as a basis; a bright and open loft, but where each room had its personal touch according to the functional requirements for its use. We also opted to provide clarity and create a graphic composition of textures and finishes.


foto 3


On the floor, we laid aged pinewood white stripped laminate parquet and for the attic and staircase, an aged treatment in gasoline colour with a stone background.
The roof was treated with decorative chip-simulating painting. The left wall was treated with a finish paint imitating concrete and the wardrobe wood, as well as the wood in the central area of ​​the attic roof were painted in a white Mediterranean style, which was obtained after giving several layers to take the characteristic thickness.
Regarding lighting, industrial lamps and the fluorescence located in the attic were respected. We also looked for few demodé sconces -that we placed strategically- and left sockets for the installation of additional lamps as required by future tenants.


foto 45


foto 46


foto 1


We opted to treat the bathroom walls with dark grey concrete paste to bring out the red glass basin, supported by iron brackets resting on the ground. The remaining space was painted in white to frame all treatments chosen and wrap them in harmony.


foto 14


foto 16


foto 41


Several pieces of the owner´s furniture were repainted to give them a fresh touch -according to the new style of the room- such as the patio chairs that now look in pastel colours and a bed that was painted in gold.


foto 36


foto 32


foto 27


The design of the railing and the door separating environments stands out in the loft. Both are made of iron déplié mesh -clear industrial inspiration- which infuse the style desired by the client.
A huge picture with strong personality and a large mirror over the walls of the highest area of the loft put the finishing touches to the refurbishment.


foto 20


foto 38

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