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Feb 042013

AM has carried out the design and implementation of Vallespà, a bakery, located in the “Mercat Nou” of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona).
The objective of the refurbishment was to bring the product into the street, update both the display and sale area, add a tasting area and adapt the space for disabled access.
The counter, designed and manufactured by AM, is made of oxidized iron and stained and varnished pine wood, like the rear shelf. The rest of the place is complemented with very colorful modernist ceramics that have been strategically placed in floors, walls and bathroom. The tasting area´s wall is specially relevant, thus we have applied textured wallpaper with an old and worned plastered look, with the image of an old gate. The tables and chairs from “Wood and Iron” combine with the oxidized iron bench, the same material used at the counter of the display and sale area. For the bench we choose colorful bed pillows with retro touches.
An important part of the project fell in the lighting design, which was held in two different environments. On one hand, in the exhibition and sale area we choose metal halide bulbs with two degrees of openness in order to obtain a perfect view of the products. For the tasting area we choose clear glass lamps that offer a very welcoming atmosphere.








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