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Loft in Tres Torres, Barcelona


Home designed and implemented for a professional client, an example of organisation following the client’s lifestyle.
An integral project with the design and fabrication of each and every element to form the finished relationship between structure and furniture.
85 m2

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  2 Responses to “Loft in Tres Torres, Barcelona”

  1. Is this the flat that appeared in La Vanguardia newspaper the other Sunday? It looks like it. Can you tell me where you bought the dining-room table, I need one for my shop and that looks perfect, if you could tell me how big it is as I need one for an irregular space. Can you send me details of your new projects as I like your work and it’s inteeresting to know what the tendency in interior design is.

    • Jane – Yes it is that flat in the report! Did you read it in Spain or are you somwhere else? The table is designed and by us and custom made, if you want one we can organise it and make one to your specifications. If you want to keep up with what’s happening here, subscribe to our news-letter. Thanks for your comment and if we can help you at any time please contact us

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